Practical fault detection: redux. Next-generation alerting now as presentation

This summer I had the opportunity to present my practical fault detection concepts and hands-on approach as conference presentations. First at Velocity and then at SRECon16 »

Approaching Graphite 1.0

The first time I saw the Graphite project I didn't really understand what I was looking at. My previous exposure to metrics and graphing was mostly »

Dear Graphite Users and Developers

My name is Raj Dutt, and I am the co-founder and CEO of raintank, Inc. As many of you know, raintank is the company behind Grafana, »

Democratizing metrics with Snap: an update

Back in April, we announced a partnership with Intel around their new open source telemetry framework: Snap. We’ve written before about why we think Snap »

One Year of Open Source, What I've Learned

The release of Grafana 3.0 got me a bit nostalgic. Thinking about how much fun I've had over the last year. Making friends out of »

raintank and Intel partner on Grafana and Snap

At raintank, we’re building an OpenSaaS monitoring platform around Grafana. We want to create a powerful yet turnkey experience; one that offers the best of »

Big Changes Coming with Grafana 3.0 and

Last Thursday was a big day for the raintank team. Not only did we release a beta of Grafana 3.0 and a preview of Grafana. »

Using Grafana with Intel's Snap for Ad Hoc Metric Exploration

Grafana Live, New in Grafana v3.0. Over the last few months, the raintank team has been working extremely hard on the latest version of Grafana, »

How to effectively use the Elasticsearch data source in Grafana and solutions to common pitfalls

Covered in this article: Lucene Query Format Templated Queries Sawtooth-Like Graphs Incomplete data at the beginning and the end of a graph Sum function broken About »

25 graphite, grafana and statsd gotchas

For several years I've worked with Graphite, Grafana and statsd on a daily basis and have been participating in the community. All three are fantastic tools »