One Year of Open Source, What I've Learned

The release of Grafana 3.0 got me a bit nostalgic. Thinking about how much fun I've had over the last year. Making friends out of »

Friends don't let friends abuse pie charts

Pie charts have been a popular feature request for Grafana, both on our Github as well as at conferences and customer meetings. We'll hear things like »

Litmus Insights: Diagnosing Human Fail

Symptoms: Gradual global meltdown that's not DNS. A few months ago, just as we'd started boarding the first handful of users onto the initial alpha of »

UX Insights: User Interviews

I've been conducting a series of chats with UX professionals in the Open Source community with the intention of publishing their perspectives and methods. My first »

UX: The long road to the shortest path

Torkel and the rest of the team have been hard at work on the next generation of Grafana, which is the foundation for what we're building »