Dear Graphite Users and Developers

My name is Raj Dutt, and I am the co-founder and CEO of raintank, Inc. As many of you know, raintank is the company behind Grafana, »

raintank and Intel partner on Grafana and Snap

At raintank, we’re building an OpenSaaS monitoring platform around Grafana. We want to create a powerful yet turnkey experience; one that offers the best of »

Big Changes Coming with Grafana 3.0 and

Last Thursday was a big day for the raintank team. Not only did we release a beta of Grafana 3.0 and a preview of Grafana. »

Whiskey and Snow: raintank Converges in NYC

The snow has arrived in full force here in New York. Our subway authority, the MTA, has stored 31 miles of trains underground. The roads have »

Grafana: It's Rocket Science

At raintank, all our software is open source. We haven’t talked much about how the whole stack will fit together (more on that soon…), but »

the monitoring death spiral

Some of the most fun I had last year was the few weeks I spent in Colorado and Utah, learning how to fly sailplanes. It's really »

Democratizing Metrics: Road Warriors

This fall has been busy, exciting and at times just plain crazy at raintank. We’ve been campaigning on both sides of the Atlantic, spreading the »

Why I'm short on Splunk

The only constant is change. The cliche is perhaps especially true when considering the open source infrastructure software landscape. Fifteen years ago, it was common to »

the promising KairosDB

My co-founder Anthony wrote about our promising initial experiences with InfluxDB a few months ago. We’re bullish on InfluxDB, but it’ll probably take a »

designs on capacity

It started as a crazy idea, but as some crazy ideas do, it became less crazy over time. My co-founder Anthony has been really concerned about »