Collectd and Cassandra 2.2

Collectd is a program that you can run on your systems to gather statistics on performance, processes, and overall status of the system in question. When »

Whiskey and Snow: raintank Converges in NYC

The snow has arrived in full force here in New York. Our subway authority, the MTA, has stored 31 miles of trains underground. The roads have »

Grafana: It's Rocket Science

At raintank, all our software is open source. We haven’t talked much about how the whole stack will fit together (more on that soon…), but »

Evolving from Machines to Services

It used to be that each machine had one purpose. Your load balancer machines talked to your web server machines which talked to your database machines. »

the monitoring death spiral

Some of the most fun I had last year was the few weeks I spent in Colorado and Utah, learning how to fly sailplanes. It's really »

Logs and Metrics and Graphs, Oh My!

Grafana is used by hundreds of thousands of users on a wide variety of data sources. Among these there is a division in approaches to collecting »

Grafana Authproxy: have it your way

Ever Since Grafana 2.0 was released with its own backend, we've added many ways to help you board and authenticate users. It's easy to use »

Friends don't let friends abuse pie charts

Pie charts have been a popular feature request for Grafana, both on our Github as well as at conferences and customer meetings. We'll hear things like »

Democratizing Metrics: Road Warriors

This fall has been busy, exciting and at times just plain crazy at raintank. We’ve been campaigning on both sides of the Atlantic, spreading the »

Litmus Insights: Diagnosing Human Fail

Symptoms: Gradual global meltdown that's not DNS. A few months ago, just as we'd started boarding the first handful of users onto the initial alpha of »